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Corporate responsibilities

Rodag Food is aware of its responsibility in the food chain. This is why we are actively working on several fields of sustainability. We are constantly innovating our production process. One of the targets is the reduction of the energy consumption in our production process. Recently we have managed to decrease the energy consumption by 2 %. We are also actively managing the way our processing effects the environment.

Less salt and saturated fats

Ready-to-heat products have attracted negative publicity in terms of salt and fat contents. We are constantly reviewing our products and in recent years we have been able to reduce the salt and saturated fats in our products considerably. All this has been achieved without effecting the final taste of the product. In order to continue, with this policy, we currently work with third parties in order to implement modified processing techniques in our site.

Frying in rapeseed oil

Rodag Food has chosen to pre fry its products primarily in rapeseed oil. Rapeseed oil is a vegetable oil and does not contain any trans fatty acids.