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The history of Rodag Food

In 1997 Piet Vermeer and Rob Verhoeff started their business in Oudewater (NL) by co-manufacturing meal components and appetizers. With their knowledge and experience they were predominantly aiming at co-manufacturing and co-packing for European customers. The business continued to grow year after year. This growth brought about the need to expand the production capacity and hence the reason to move production to a more modern and larger site in Annaberg-Bucholz, situated in Sachsen (BRD).

Rodag Food today

New Ideas and innovation in combination with a modern production site with a total surface of almost 7.000 m2, Rodag Food today has become a flourishing company with a total production capacity of over 10.000 tons per annum.

A growth in product range 

Due to the increased demand for convenience products, the product range has grown considerably. Rodag Food now produces a wide range of poultry, meat , appetizer and vegetarian products.

An increase in private labels

In conjunction with the increase in the private label market, Rodag Food’ core activity has shifted towards the production and sale of complete finished products under private label brands. Our customers are based in several European countries.