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A wide range of product possibilities

Rodag Food offers a wide range of products and production possibilities. From snacks or centre of plate meal components, including vegetarian options; coated or non-coated, pre fried, cooked or a combination of various processes, just ask and we will try to accommodate your wishes.

Fast, flexible and first class quality

By using the most modern equipment and technology, we are capable of fulfilling your wishes in a fast and flexible way. Furthermore, we work with the highest quality and hygiene standards. That is why we can offer first class quality.

Experienced employees, dedicated to a strict quality programme.

Our experienced employees work using a strict quality programme. These stringent safety and hygiene regulations guarantee our quality.

Fully traceable , quality raw materials

As total supplier of meal components and finger foods made from either meat, poultry, cheese, vegetarian or a combination of ingredients, we only work with first class quality raw materials and ingredients which are 100 % traceable.